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Fragrance Diffuser

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  • Size5 * 5 * 6 cm
  • Weight150 g


  • South Korea South Korea

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Aromatherapy Candle 


[Introduction of the Business]


Fliche is an artist group composed of designers, illustrators, picture book writers, aroma therapists.


Fliche ‘sincerely’ make products using ‘safe and high-quality ingredients.’

Fliche is fine

Scented goods often contain toxic substances or use cheap ingredients in order to fortify fragrance or to look nice. Fliche insist using high-quality, natural ingredients though the production process may be fastidious so that people can enjoy fragrance safely.

Fliche is Sincere

Fliche products are mostly handmade. Although adding chemical substances may be easier to make the products, we do not use unsafe substances but make honest products. Thus, even if it may take difficult and complicated process, skilled professionals carefully craft all of our products with dedication. All the Fliche products are made with this philosophy.

Fliche believe in “the value of honesty” and “the power of truth.”





Fragrance and Aroma are our two product lines.


In Fliche’s Fragrance line,

Professional perfumers crafted fragrances with fragrance oil which has combination of natural essential oil and fragrance oil with composite fragrance. The fragrance oil of Fliche is one of the best oils that are used among perfume companies and it is phthalate free and safe. Fliche introduces the following 12 fragrance scents.

Raspberry Vanilla A sweet harmonious fragrance of Fresh Black raspberries scent and sweet vanilla bean 

Strawberry Caramel A lovely and lively fragrance of fresh strawberries with the sweetness of caramel  

Sweet lychee A sweet romantic fragrance of exotic lychee and sugar floral 

Grape Fruit A fresh and cheerful fragrance of sweet and tangy grapefruit  

Plumerua A clean and pure fragrance of tropical fruits’ sweet and mild and smooth floral scent of Plumeria 

Fresh pear & freesia A clean fragrance of well-ripe pear’s freshness and pure freesia 

Orange Jasmine An elegant fragrance of fresh orange with gentle jasmine and cool transparent water 

Lime & Basil A citrus fragrance with depth and harmony of fresh lime and spicy basil  

Snowdrop musk A deep and romantic fragrance with the blend of soft and elegant floral snowdrop and crystal musk 

Floral Powder A delicate and pure fragrance of flower with gentle powdery scent that reminds you of bright spring days 

Earl Grey A luxurious fragrance of profound earl gray, cool cucumber and white wood that embraces all the scents. 

Champagne A lingering and sophisticated fragrance with warm woody note and the sweet and lively scent when you fill your mouth with a sip of Champagne.   





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Fragrance Diffuser

Fragrance Diffuser

Fragrance Diffuser